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Performance Criteria

Spatial Resolution


The spatial resolution can be determined if a surgical gamma probe is scanned laterally above a point source.


Spatial resolution depends on the distance between source and probe detector. To separate neighboring lymph nodes and perform an adequate exact localization the FWHM of the lateral sensitivity distribution should be better than the typical distance between neighboring lymph nodes or a typical node diameter in the preparation region. Therefore a spatial resolution better than 25 mm for lymph nodes in the axilla, inguinal and illiacal region is ideal. Increased requirements have to be set up for lymph nodes that are close together (e.g., in the head, neck and supraclavicular region). Probes for these applications should have a FWHM of less than 15mm.

Crystal Probe's Performance

The Crystal Probe’s spatial resolution measures at <17mm FWHM at 1cm distance with a standard (40 °) collimator. Optimal results demand a local resolution of <25mm. The Crystal Probe exceeds the optimal result criteria. Good spatial resolution is fundementally essential for locating the sential lymph node. Anything larger than the recommended 25mm FWHM will result in the removal of more than one node, or the wrong node.

Crystal Probe Spatial Resolution


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