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Performance Criteria

Most commercially available gamma probe systems look very similar; a small metal detection probe connected to a portable boxy control unit. Some may claim they have the most sensitive probe, hence best performance, but there are more important criteria next to sensitivity that must be met for optimal performance.

The following performance indicators are essential:

Performance Criteria Industry Demand Crystal Probe
Radial Sensitivity < 40˚ FWHM < 40˚ FWHM
Spatial Resolution < 25 mm FWHM < 17mm FWHM
Shielding > 99.9% > 99.95%
Sensitivity > 5,000 cps/MBq > 10,000 cps/MBq

In this section we discuss these criteria along with the performance of our Crystal Gamma Probe. Click on the below bullet points for more information. is a division of Nuclear Fields USA Corp.
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