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High-Sensitivity Wireless Probe CXS-OP-WP


High Sensitivity Wireless Gamma Probe optimized for SLN Biopsy for Melanoma, Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer in open surgeries.  All the features you’ve come to love from the High Sensitive Straight Probe are now available in a wireless probe!  Made from surgical stainless steel with an integrated tungsten collimator. This easy to set up system is completely wireless, since the control unit (including Bluetooth function) is battery operated.

wireless probe

wireless probe
wireless probe


Technical Data

Detector CsI:Tl-scintillation crystal
Gamma-energy Range 60 keV … > 511 keV
Probe Properties Length: 242mm;
Diameter of hand piece: 23mm
Diameter of tip: 15mm
Weight: about 7 oz (200 g)
Max distance of radio transmission: 10 meters
Login time (first login/repeated): 8 seconds/5 seconds
Special Features Wireless, battery operated

Collimation and Side Shielding


Tungsten, lateral thickness 3.15mm (at all collimator sleeves with D = 15 mm), rear thickness 4mm
Side shielding = 99.97 % @ 140 keV (99mTc)
Sensitivity: >17,000 cps

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