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High-Sensitivity Probe CXS-OP-SZBN


The straight probe CXS-OP-SZBN is the inexpensive standard probe for the detection of sentinel lymph nodes in the surgical treatment of cancer (sentinel technique, Breast Cancer, Melanoma).

High sensitivity probeIt outstandingly fulfills the requirements of a modern gamma probe. High sensitivity (> 20,000 counts/s/MBq) with excellent side shielding (> 99.97% @ 140 keV), good spatial and angular resolution (17 mm, 40°) with a probe diameter of 15 mm.

The probe is optimized for the energy range around 140 keV (99mTc), and can be used for gamma-ray energies between 70 keV (201Tl) and 511 keV (PET).

Additionally there is a set of collimator sleeves with a different field of view (15°, 20°, 40°-default, 60°, 90°, 120°) for special applications and different energies (131J - 364 keV and PET (511 keV )) which broadens the area of application of the probe even further. These collimators are built into stainless steel tubes that can be unscrewed and steam sterilized separately.

When used intra-operatively the probe has to be protected by a sterile latex cover. As, for example, those used in ultrasound diagnostics.

Technical Data

Detector CsI:Tl-scintillation crystal Ø 6 mm x 8 mm long, read out by a 20 mm2 pin-photodiode
Gamma-energy Range 60 keV … > 511 keV
Probe Properties Length: 220mm;
Length of cable: 3 m
Diameter hand piece: 20mm
Diameter of tip: 15mm
Weight: about 7 ounce (200 g)
Special Features 6 different collimator sleeves available

Collimation and Side Shielding

Material Tungsten, lateral thickness 3.15mm (at all collimator sleeves with D = 15 mm), rear thickness 5mm
Side shielding = 99.97 % @ 140 keV (99mTc)
Dihedral angle (FOV) Standard 40° FWHM, changeable by 6 different collimator sleeves is a division of Nuclear Fields USA Corp.
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