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Control Unit CXS-SG04


Control unitThe Crystal Probe system is specially designed for the Sentinel Lymph Node method (SLN). This German engineered product is easy to use and quick to set up. Main features of the control unit are:

  • Compatible with other Crystal handheld probes – this allows the hospital to add on other probes for different applications without purchasing a new control unit.
  • NEW Fully automated system check – The new SG04 control unit has a new function button that automatically performs an internal check of the most important parameters and system functions. The self diagnostic process is displayed on the screen.
  • Maintenance Free – The Crystal Probe comes with a factory warranty and requires no maintenance other than replacing the internal battery every 5 years.
  • NO Calibration Necessary – Due to the solid state technology of the probe and the automated system check of the control unit, calibration is not required.
  • Different Nuclide settings – The unit has a default nuclide setting for 99mTechnetium and 8 other optional nuclides to choose from.
  • Excellent energy resolution – Compton- and photopeak-signal are adequately separated, improving the energy resolution of the probe and ultimately improving identification of sentinel lymph nodes.
  • Battery operated - The device can be operated directly by mains, or using the built-in rechargeable batteries. The charger is included. Operating time: 13 hours at normal load, 10 hours at maximum load. Charging time: 12 hours.
  • NEW Larger Display – The new larger illuminating display screen is easy to read and clearly displays all function of the control unit along with the count rate.
  • NEW Background Suppression – This feature eliminates a comparatively high radiation background-count-rate in the operation room.
  • NEW Three Acoustic Signals – Three different variable acoustic signals give immediate information about the intensity of the gamma radiation.

Technical Data

Power Supply of the Control Unit CXS-SG04 / USB

Maintenance-free Pb accumulator batteries 1x12 V/5 Ah
Operation time with maximum charge 7 hours at maximum load
9 hours at normal load
Charging with provided battery charger Type: FRIWO RW 7218M/12
Input: 100-240 V AC, 50-60Hz, 300mA Output: 12V DC, 1000mA
Power consumption with maximal load 12 W
Charging period for maximum charge 12 hours
Max. current consumption 800 mA
Operation voltages ± 5 V / 450-500 mA
Classification of the control unit CXS-SG04 IP20
Protection degree of the application part against electric shock Type B
Fuses 2x1AT on the power supply/audio board
1x 1.5AT on the power supply/audio board

Energy Discrimination

Discriminator Threshold Nuclides Switch Position
20 keV – 60 keV 125I 125I
60 keV – 100 keV 201Tl, 58Co, 67Ga 201Tl
120 keV - 160 keV 99mTc, 123I, 111In 99mTc
310 keV - 350 keV 131I, 131mIn 131I
430 keV - 600 keV PET-nuclides 131I
100 keV - 140 keV for tests with 57Co VI

Visual and Acoustic Signals

5-digit LCD Count rate in counts per second (cps)
Acoustically 3 different acoustic signals, variable according to the radiation intensity, volume adjustable, switchable in different ranges

Signal Output

Analog Analog voltage signal; output voltage max. 3.5V, output impedance = 5kOhm; measurement of the spectrum with a multichannel analyzer (MCA)
Digital (optional) USB-connector; galvanic separated; Positive TTL pulses, output voltage depending on the input voltage of the opto coupler, pulse width tp > 3µs


Control unit CXS-SG04 12 lb (5.5kg)
Probes See individual descriptions; < 0.8 lbs. (< 0.4kg)


Control unit CXS-SG04 (B x H x T) 295 x 150 x 310 mm
Probes See individual descriptions

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