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  • Wireless Probe

  • Constructed from stainless steel with integrated tungsten collimator

  • Completely wireless and portable control unit

  • Maintenance free, no calibration

  • High sensitivity and excellent side shielding

probesThe Crystal Probe SG04 is the latest model of surgical gamma probe systems used for sentinel lymph node detection. This unit is equipped with the latest technology and we've optimized the functionalities for the needs of today's surgeon. This makes the new system one of the best performing and affordable gamma probes on the market today.

It has all the features you are looking for: versatile probes are high sensitive and have superb side shielding; battery charged control unit delivers a clear acoustic signal and produces excellent energy discrimination. Due to its solid state technology, Crystal Gamma Probes do not need calibration and are maintenance free. These features, and more, make it the best price-quality choice in today’s gamma probe market.

Crystal Gamma Probe systems consist of a gamma radiation sensitive probe and a control unit, which delivers fast, easy and accurate indication of local activity enrichments in the surgical area. Different gamma probes are available that cover a range of applications, including high sensitive probe, laparoscopic probe, PET probe, Beta probe. All probes have optional collimator sleeves in case smaller or wider angle of detection is desirable.

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